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Scottish Force

Scottish force from Edinburgh Scotland, believes bass and loudness go together.

I have travelled a long way to be here and to erupt your ear drums but this mission has to continue and MUST SUCCEED there will be no failure.!!!!

Expect all types of dnb, jungle, dubstep, breaks with mad bass this WILL BE awesome this is Scottish force!! Mainly specializing in drumnbass/dubstep/trap but ventures off towards what got me into music production back in the day: Trance/house stuff like that. I am currently signed to Figure & Ground Records but also distribute myself.. Some of my music is political based against the establishment.. My artwork is based on our flag obviously with my Stewart surname clan badge motto bang on centre in remembrance of my grandfather..

I was lucky enough to come 3rd in a remix competition in which I featured on the EP - Destroy it Remix,

see videos below


Matrix and Futurebound, NIN, Fear Factory, Linkin Park, Michael Woods, Lange, Prodigy I could go on and on...

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Scottish Force