Skin Vehicles

The Skin Vehicles is, an experimental, electronic, psychedelic twister that is mostly instrumental. The sound is cinematic, ideas twist and turn, this is the music for the film you haven't seen yet. 'Fine Art' in sound.

Skin Vehicles is the Musical output of Fine artist Dex Hannon and Writer Dexuality Valentino. Working solo or in collaboration, nothing is the same, because life doesn't work like that. Based in Northern England. He has released 13 albums under Skin Vehicles and also 2 albums under the guise of DVEC with American Collaborator Eunice Cazarez. His music has featured on BBC Radio 3 Late Junction as well as stations internationally.

Working in different creative spaces, he allows the music, art and writing to weave through everything he does. Sometimes the art will influence the writing or the music or the music will influence the painting. A lot of the paintings and music bear the same names, feeding each other.


Acid drenched sequencing (and not in an obvious hackneyed way) that would suddenly and almost imperceptibly dissolve, nay morph into an Eno-esque passage of transcendental beauty. (David Ian Bickley - Alchemy Electronic Arts / Stormtree Records)


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