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Slow Walk

Slow Walk is the superhero alter ego and solo project of prolific London based singer songwriter Keith Turner.


Sadly, his origin story does not involve a nuclear explosion or a radioactive spider but instead, a group of youths on Tufnell Park Road. After trying to get our heroes attention by calling him the geeky one with the glasses and the phone, they changed their tactics and instead shouted “Yo, daddy cool, Slow Walk!” The following day he laughed about the incident with his musical sidekick Bean and Slow Walk was born.


It’s this ability to see the humour in most situations that is Slow Walk’s number one super power and heavily informs his songs. Influenced by a wide variety of witty and observational songwriters such as Ray Davies, Morrissey, Jarvis Cocker and Rivers Cuomo, Slow Walk’s mission is to fight the injustices of the world and right the wrongs by writing passionate, insightful and sometimes humorous songs. Some would say that martial arts, high tech gadgets and super strength would be much better in this fight. Slow Walk would disagree.


Since he played his first gig in an open mic tent in Glastonbury, Slow Walk has played all around the city with an acoustic, a loop pedal and sometimes a band.


Last year, he released the single When Your Love Goes Away, written after he lost his amazing parents and Sherlock Holmes Would Know.

He will shortly be releasing the follow up song Hangman which takes aim at the slightly crazy world of the wild wild web.

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Slow Walk
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