Sparkly Spice ♔

KL Merchant

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  1. Sparkly Spice (Kayle Merchant) Blessed with a bold innovative streak, entertaining, bubbly, sparkly, a wild tigress classy lyrical starry eyed & soulful ♔ from the United Kingdom. (LIVE musicals performer and poet) plays out own lyrics and song mixes. (Genre: R&B, Electronica, Trance, Broadway style music to name a few.)
  2. Who is Sparkly Spice?? U cannot fit me in a box - I will tear it up! Sparkly Spice is about combining all of their personalities into one - Being the brilliant example where the famous Spice Girls left off - bringing inner power to the world! Unapologetic-ally being themselves and empowering others to do the same. Sparkly Spice is Posh, Baby, Sporty, Scary comical and Gingerly spontaneous all in one, it is about shining light on all of her moments without pinning her down to just one mood and style. Glamorous one minute then sporty and athletic the next. Very spontaneous is Sparkly Spice. KL is living proof that you can be many personalities and still sparkle, because it is not just about the outrageous sparkly outfits that bring the starry eyed performer to life, it is all about the sparkle inside . Gender Fluid - Diva Queen-King ♕ 'Quing'
  3. Also known as DJ K Lady on Gadget G Radio. (and K Lady Music previously.)

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