Sparkly Spookay ♔

Sparkly Spookay.

Hailing from the United Kingdom,
Sparkly Spookay is a versatile creative .

Regarding her books and music, you never
know what to expect.
Mysterious, cryptic, deep intensifying inner soul,
her philosophical metaphoric poewiticals will have you
attempting to decode her puzzles.

Double sided.

Which side will you choose?

Sparkly  Or Spookay?

(A One Woman Show)

The Sparkly side:
Soulful – Starry eyed, Celtic vibes, sweet soft smooth
angelic vocals. Genres consist of Blues – Rock/ R&B soul /
 Country Acoustic motivational self help poetry blends,
 piano symphony – gospel trance.

The Spookay side:
A dark deep dish of industrious hardcore dubstep,
a twist of heavy metal grunge electronic acid, rap trap grime, progressive house,
EDM, wrapped in an intensifying trance forming
happy horror -core spine tingling spiritual EBM.

A Modern Gothic Grunge Buddhi-Poet-Music Artist. (Yin & Yang complex)

Merging light with dark vibes. The KayOtic inside.

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