Star Star

  1. The Rock Trash au Go Go Show.
  2. Johnnie Holliday - vocals, guitar.
  3. Weeds - bass, vocals.
  4. Jak Kennedy - drums, vocals.
  5. The Trashettes - backing vocals.
  6. In a world where Ziggy Stardust writes songs for Marilyn Manson, and the Ramones are a T. Rex cover band,
  7. Star Star would certainly be able to get a few gigs.
  8. They originally formed in Hollywood when New Yorkers Johnnie Holliday (vocals, guitar), and Weeds (bass), were living life to a Sunset Strip beat.
  9. Star Star quickly signed to the Roadrunner label and took over 10 months to record the "The Love Drag Years", with producers/mixers Earle Mankey, Richard Gottehrer, Neil Kernon, and Phil Greene, across studios in New York and Los Angeles.
  10. A dark period followed when singer/guitarist Johnnie Holliday suffered a serious car accident, undergoing a number of surgeries.
  11. More major blows were dealt when guitarist Jay Hening committed suicide, and drummer Deon Molyneux passed away due to illness.
  12. With the underground scene in New York all but over, they left the States.
  13. While hanging in Europe they met drummer Jack Kennedy at a club, trying not to ruin his hair or spill his drink.
  14. Johnnie and Weeds liked that.... so being that he was quitting alcohol, they asked him to join the band.
  15. The years that followed saw the band maturing and defining their character. The turbulent "Love Drag Years" period inspired a new era in Star Star's unique story.
  16. Complimenting their live show are two girl backing singers, The Trashettes.
  17. While staying true to their club culture, Star Star also flaunts their underground sensibilities in high profile gigs as the lone opening act for bands like Alice Cooper, Guns n Roses, Girlschool, Marky Ramone, Joan Jett and a bunch more.
  18. A much delayed new album and a brand new Rock Trash Au Go Go Show are ready to be released Winter 2021.
  19. Fresh music for a New era...

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