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Tash Hills

Exciting singer/songwriter Tash Hills releases the funky and up-beat ‘Come On’.


With a beat produced by frequent collaborator George Holliday, it is a modern twist on Tash’s classic nu-funk style. Riding in on an EQ sweep, a disco-house beat and clean synth lead the ensemble, ornamented with feel-good horns, fresh guitar licks and manipulated samples. The vocals are strong and extremely catchy, telling a clear story.

“The song is about being cheated on, but always remembering that you’re a Queen no matter what life throws at you!” This positive and empowering energy is something Tash brings to all her songs.


The Portsmouth-native has had much success with her previous two releases, especially her last track ‘First Breath’, which was included on the Spotify playlist ‘Nu-Funk’ as well as receiving much airplay in Japan and the US. Now with her third release, the South American/English sensation brings the inspiration of her Dad’s record collection to the present day, with a dancefloor beat combined with her signature uplifting horns and bass. And now that the world is beginning to open up again, a happy and highly danceable hit is exactly what we need.


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Tash Hills