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The Amazing Dr Tentacles

Feeling down? Bored? Do you suffer from Static Buttocks Syndrome? Does your head fail to bob like a parrot? Never fear! The Amazing Doctor Tentacles is here to DO NO HARM! Or at the very least, try his best not to make it hurt.


Doctor Tentacles delivers prescriptions of creepy bangers for a variety of ailments and musical deficiencies including Bass and Synth Deficiency, Wavetable Misalignment and Brain Homogeny Syndrome. His methods are sure to right what wrongs you - or perhaps, wrong what rights you. He also supports unsigned musicians across all genres with his massive unsigned playlist. The Doctor has over 20 years of experience of annoying the DFW area with electronica.

Get your prescription from The Amazing Doctor Tentacles today!

Disclaimer: Dr Tentacles is not a real doctor. Do not insert songs in orifices besides the ears. Side effects may include limb spasms, restlessness and changing the face of your unborn child.

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The Amazing Dr Tentacles
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