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The Apathy Parade

The Apathy Parade began in early 2019 when Russ Benoit reached out to his good friend and former bandmate Christopher Byron about writing and recording music, sending the files between themselves over the internet, with Russ in Massachusetts and Christopher in Connecticut. Christopher immediately recruited his band's singer, Sara Ess, and The Apathy Parade was born.


Their first EP "Something Old, Something New" was released in August 2019, and contained 6 songs about friendship, parenthood, and the trials and tribulations of life. Thanks to it's warm reception, the trio began work on their second EP "Over Bridges" which was released in July 2020.


Drawing on their love of diverse music, The Apathy Parade's blend of rock, pop, folk, and americana has something that will appeal to listeners across the spectrum.

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The Apathy Parade
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