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The Beatersband

The Beatersband from Italy was formed in September 2018. The band members are: Donatella Guida - Lead Vocals / Guitar, Leonardo Serrini - Bass, and Francesco Tucci - Drums. The band has as it's goal the modernization of vocal music of the 50's and 60's. They do this by giving the songs new life with a Punk Rock sound while maintaining their classic soul. In April 2019, their first album "Vol Uno" was released. In October of the same year, an EP of 4 songs was released as "Black Christmas" and in January 2020 a vinyl 7 inch 45 record was released entitled "Love Songs". On 7 September 2020 "Vol Due" (in digital format and CD jewel case) was released, the second Album in co-production with the "Area Pirata Records" label, another collection of songs with that vintage flavor and we are here to present it to you.

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The Beatersband
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