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The Cranberry Merchants

The Cranberry Merchants are an award-winning husband & wife indie-rock duo out of Atlanta, GA. They are writers and producers of all of our own material, and even produce our own music videos, filming to editing. Their music is rock, meets pop, meets alt with a wide variety of subject matter… everything from history to hypocrisy!


- Voted Gold Vocal Duo of the Year in the 2020 International Singer Songwriter Awards (ISSA)

- Silver winners of the 2019 International Singer Songwriter Awards (ISSA)

for Band Single of the Year for our song, "The Black Maria"

- Awarded "2019 Rock Band of the Year" by Indie Star Radio in Los Angeles

- Voted "Duo of the Year" in the 2020 Social Stars Awards

- Received a World Songwriting Awards for the music video for "Going Nowhere."

- Awarded Rock Song of the Year for "Going Nowhere" in The 2020 LDM Radio Awards.

- Awarded 2020 Band of the Year on Germany's Radio TFSC.

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The Cranberry Merchants
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