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The Kintners

The Kintners

Texas-based songwriters, Kelly and Keri Kintner, are not your typical troubadours. Their Indie-Folk Americana songs tell stories of people and places they have encountered on their journey. Major influences include Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead , Kris Kristofferson, John Prine, or any artist with lyrics and harmonies that grab you!

In 2019, The Kintners collaborated with Zach King to record and release a 10 track album with that “Garage-Folk” sound. It is titled, “Upstate of Mind,” by Kintner/King and is available on all major streaming platforms. This record includes the WSA award-winning song, “Smoke and Mud,” that will be featured in the upcoming indie film from Hollywood, “The Coop.”

Currently, The Kintners are recording their second album with their long-time friend, Dustin Fike. They are looking forward to its release in 2020. Follow “The Kintners,” on all Social Media to stay up to date on their shows, releases, and even get an occasional peep into their record collection on Instagram!

Twitter: @kelly_kintner

Facebook: The Kintners (@kellyandkeri)

Instagram: kintnerkelly

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The Kintners
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