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The Shallow Riverbanks

The Shallow Riverbanks are a Norwegian Americana band from Varteig. Established in 2018. The bands music and lyric has inspiration from and are written and produced near The Shallow Riverbanks of Varteig (The River Glomma) in Sarpsborg, Norway. A twitch of The Wild West, morbidity, melancholy, yearning, jealousy, broken hearts and dreams, long winters, darkness and death with a twist are keywords in the bands songs.


The Shallow Riverbanks music is inspired by Americana musicians, Country music, Folk Rock, Alternative country, Roots, Rock and Roll, tales, legends, personal stories, the old west and folklore.


The Shallow Riverbanks are:

Lars-Jørgen Karlsen: Guitar, Vocals, Lyric

Arnt Martin Brynildsen: Trombone, El. Guitar, Guitar, Ukulele, Chorus, Mandolin, Organ, Lap Steel Guitar, Producer

Kristoffer Riis Lunde: Percussions

Lasse Thøger Karlsen: Bass, Chorus

Romina Reid: Chorus

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The Shallow Riverbanks