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The Blindfold Experience is a Musical Project with contributing artists from all over the world. The music is heavily influenced by hard rock and metal, blending it with bubbling synths and powerful, melodic vocals.

The musical journey starts in Sweden, from where the songs travel across the globe at a steady BPM to a dream team of hand picked musicians and singers. The performing artists vary from song to song.

The name Blindfold Experience was chosen because in most cases the performing musicians and vocalists never meet. We don’t even see each other; we’re just messaging each other and sending audio tracks across the world, adding our own parts and sending them back. Completely Corona Safe, and we still create a musically inspiring environment, as each musician adds his or her own touch to the song.

To this date we have performing artists, vocalists and mixing engineers from Sweden, the UK, the US, Argentina, Australia, Ecuador, Cyprus, Germany, Iceland, India, Poland and Ukraine.

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