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Tom Sands

- "I am all about the ups and downs in life. Not a product. A reflection of reality, made to be listened to."


Tom grew up in a mid-sized town in the inlands of Sweden. His father wanted him to become a professional tennis player, in the wake of Björn Borg. That never happened. When Tom in his teens started playing guitar in a rock band his father wanted him to become an international rock star. That never happened. Then Tom, at his father's disappointment became a plain electronics engineer, left the band and moved out of town to work.


Tom realized he actually had a singing voice some years back, working as a karaoke host, singing his favourite tunes when everybody was to shy to sing, which lead to some memorable moments of magic outdoor singback concerts with boats laying dead in the water, listening and cheering.


He picked up the guitar again, supported by his old music teacher, after leaving the karaoke business, and started writing lyrics in part to process experiences both good and bad.


-"We may have entered musical genius territory" (The Review Rhino).


-"Incredibly talented! Incredible! Just something completely different!" (Martyn Foxx/A1Radio)


-"Sticks in your head!" (Mouse)

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Tom Sands