Useless Dogs

  1. Useless Dogs is a Rock Band based in Madrid, Spain.
  2. Formed in 2015 with the recording of a first album, Play or Fall, and shaped around Mr. Dogman´s songs the band showed out a set of twelve original tracks. Several musicians took part in the recordings and then, a band was born.
  3. Three experienced musicians, Javier Rojas/ lead guitar. Miquel Ferrer/drums, Javier Santana/bass guitar and a dreamer called Mr Dogman (AKA Rafael Suarez, guitar, vocals). A sculptor born in Ohio that one day decided he had to sing his songs. It was time to do it, and it was a necessity, thus, the name of the album, Play or Fall.
  4. Now Useless Dogs has recorded a second album, Dog Bless You. Ten Rock tracks full of energy.
  5. Rock music is the passion and the guide to Useless Dogs’ music. Fast, slow, tender or hard, it’s all about Rock. Originality in the compositions is the path to follow.
  6. “Rock with surprise in it”, as someone said after one of Useless Dogs´shows.

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