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Who Cares is a four-piece band of lifelong friends from Long Island, NY. From 1993-1999 the group toured extensively throughout the Northeast and recorded 3 studio albums. They garnered Major Label attention from their showcases at the CMJ and SXSW festivals as well as from the success of their studio recordings: Radiator People (full length) and Flippin the Bird (EP) recorded at Sabella Studios. Even with a loyal following and planting deep roots along the road circuit, the band mutually parted ways to pursue other opportunities. Older, wiser and invigorated, the band reunited in 2006 to play a sold-out show, their first gig in 7 years.

To celebrate the 20th Reunion of their Radiator People album the band reunited once again in 2018 to play their largest show to date. To honor the album and their loyal fan base they remixed and remastered the recording, adding bonus tracks to create the “Radiator People Deluxe Edition” which was released on March 14th, 2019. Following the overwhelming response and the band’s strong desire to write new material, the group began laying the groundwork for a new album. Recording sessions began in the Fall of 2019 back at Sabella Studios where it all began. The new album was released February 12th 2021 on all major digital platforms! The sound is changing!

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