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Will Ross

Singer Songwriter based in Bristol, UK. I have been playing and writing music since my early teens, only ever as a hobby as I never seemed to have the time to record anything or pursue my music, as my education and work always seem to get in the way, that was until the 2020 lockdowns. After working from home and having some extra time in each day I decided to finally start recording some of my songs. So I set up a basic home studio with an ipad and a mic and began recording my debut album 'Lockdown Lullabies' in an a attempt to bring something postive out of such an awful year. I actually finished mixing the album from my hospital bed over New Years Day 2020 while being treated for a serious illness, but again I used that time to bring something postive out of yet another bad situation and that is what this album means to me.

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Will Ross
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