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Wily Bo Walker

Wily Bo Walker is a solo artist, songwriter, composer and performer noted for his swaggering 'live' performances and is regarded as one of the top blues vocalists in Europe


Renowned as being a diverse and prolific artist and hailing originally from Glasgow, Scotland, Wily Bo works across many styles and genres; Blues, Gospel, Soul, Classic R&B, Rock, Jazz, AAA and Americana


From his acoustic swamp’n’stomp Americana 'VoodooVille' shows with ‘The Wily Bo Walker Acoustic Band’, his live & kickin' 5 piece Rock & Blues ‘Wily Bo Walker Band’ through to his full band with Danny Flam & The New York Brass, Wily Bo proves why he has been recognised as an Artist who can twist genres into new forms and has been inducted in to, and is worthy of, the ‘U.S. Blues Hall of Fame’ accolade of ‘Master Blues Artist’


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Wily Bo Walker
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Walk in Chinese Footsteps (Bardo Thödol Mix)


Chattahoochee Coochee Man (Southern Slide)


Drive (Mescalito Mix)





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