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Witchy Saiko

My stage name is Witchy Saiko and I live in Madrid. I am known for making music, Rap-Hip Hop, trap, trapbow, hardtrap, street soul, and other urban styles, with neighborhood slang lyrics and brushstrokes claiming the rights of the woman.

My best known works are ¨Best Killer¨¨Panoramix¨¨Kinki¨ a collaboration with EL BEZEA ¨Drama¨y ¨Poderío¨Nightmare and Baby Dragon”Tutto Bene”

I was born in Alicant where I did my primary and secondary studies. At the age of 14, I moved to the United States, where rap and hip hop came into my life and greatly influenced my music. This stay in the USA has allowed me to sing in both Spanish and English. Currently my influences are diverse: trap, trapbow, hardtrap, street soul, and other urban styles, and my reference artists are lil peep, ghostemane, amy winehouse, gata cattana, big klit, scxrldx, razegod.  cazzu, la zowi, goonie chonga, Nicky Nicole, la Joaqui...

I want to present you my musical project focused on urban music where my intention is to express my feelings and myself through my lyrics and my voice;  and above all make the public feel and enjoy. 

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Witchy Saiko
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