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3RD Season

  1. Nene (Anethea Veenman), founder and lead singer for the group, is a legal advisor in the video games industry and veteran novelist under the nom de plume, A. E. H. Veenman. Readers have described her branded Digital Age Cozy mystery series as Agatha Christie meets Technology.
  2. Jess (Jessica L. Morrison) hails from Cork City, Ireland with an engineering degree. She's lived in San Diego, CA in 1996 where she played guitar for the all-girl cover band, 'Bombshell'. She also performed in the duo, 'The Gift' in San Diego before performing solo as 'Machine'
  3. Jess and Nene came together in 2016 to form 3RD Season. Since the release of their first demo 'Brainchild' in Summer 2018, their repertoire now carries 15 songs.

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3RD Season