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5 OF SIX (5/6) is an independent musician and recording artist. Not coming from a particularly musical family, 5/6 started in music during classes as part of his school curriculum, and finding that it was quickly becoming a passion, continued to develop and learn new instruments.


The music stopped when entering adulthood as life began to involve more responsibility that eroded time for hobbies, and being a loud hobby, music was also not conducive to apartment living at the time. The guitars went into cases indefinitely and the amplifiers were sold to people that would use them. Music, however, was always still part of the internal dialog for 5/6. All day, every day, there was a sound track playing as a back drop to life, quietly developing a sound all its own.

During a random trip to a music store, 5/6 saw a blue, Ibanez acoustic guitar hanging on the display wall and felt a need to hear it play. Taking it from the wall and strumming a few chords, he took it home as an impulse buy. Out of practice, and lacking finesse of any kind, he began the time investment of learning to play all over again.


The guitar collection began to grow as later on, 5/6 moved into a different home where things could be a little louder, a little more electric, and a lot more fun. During the safer at home order of 2020, many people had extra time on their hands 5/6 was no exception. Having also, a love for wood working, he purchased a do-it-yourself, Stratocaster style, guitar kit from Amazon. He assembled the guitar and set it up himself as a fun project to occupy time. The relationship with the instrument only served to reignite his love for music.

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