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Adeline Yeo

Adeline Yeo (HP) is an unsigned Indie Musician based in Asia region, Singapore. With no prior musical knowledge and experience, she began her music compositions in her Indie music journey. As she continues practising her crafts, her fingers became more nimble and soon she was able to produce beautiful melodies. She felt that music brightens up her life and she hoped to do it to others.


In 2021, Adeline has been affiliated with BMI and SoundExchange as a Writer in their Performing Rights Organisations. During the same year, she was approved by Free Music Archive, Tribe Of Noise and Jamendo as a Music Artist in their Creative Commons Music Licensing Music Platforms.


Currently, she has releasedva few music singles and EPs in popular online streaming stores including AppleMusic, AmazonMusic, SpotifyMusic, YouTubeMusic, DeezerMusic, Anghami, QQMusic and others.

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Adeline Yeo
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