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Adolfo Viguera

Adolfo Viguera is a Spanish multi-instrumentalist/composer with an extensive career in television, film and theatre music. Every day more than two million people listen to his music in different countries on several television programs, radio and commercials. He is the author of some of the most famous signature tunes on television in Spain and the creator of the music for more than 250 Spots. During his career as musician and author, he is credited in participating in the recording of 88 albums according to data from the AIE (Asociación Artistas, Intérpretes y Ejecutantes), nominated for the Max Theater Awards. Graduated as “Profesor de Piano “ and “Profesor Superior de Lenguaje Musical “ by the Superior Conservatory of Madrid. He received a scholarship to study Jazz Guitar at the "Taller de Musics de Barcelona" and later at the "Taller de Músicos de Madrid". In his career as a music author and producer, he seeks to communicate to the listener all kinds of feelings and sensations, to make him feel and experience what he is expressing with his music. He is an artist who is not limited to a style or sound, he is looking for different creative and sound fields, sending in each song a different message, achieving the best listening sensations. Thanks to his classical and modern training, he covers different registers from classical orchestra to minimalist formats or registers for indie or pop-rock bands.

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