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Alex Froot

Jacquez Booker is an American singer-songwriter. Better known by his stage name Alex Froot. his first solo single Instrumental hit 'Then I Go' was released in 2015 Independently. Later in 2017, Alex Signed an Independent Contract With Barron Studios, Followed by a single 'Mind Me' in 2018. his Two-Sided Concept Album, Here We Are and After 11 AM, was released in April 2019, Alex had complete creative control over the project, as he wrote, recorded, mixed, and engineered the songs on his own during 2017-18. On December 11, 2020, Alex Released 'Honestly' with a Deluxe Version. January 20, 2021, Alex Surprised an album titled 'Timeless'. Alex announced he was working on new music in March 2021. In July 2021 he comes back with his return with a new album, Elegant Set to be out October 19.

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Alex Froot