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Artist from Nottingham, UK. He creates industrial and electronic music, experimenting with and combining heavy, dark, trippy downtempo beats, distorted big beats, 170 bpm bangers, spooky drone music, and more. In his industrial noise experiments, he also creates trashy lo-fi experimental music using field recordings and found sounds. His music is said to have a warped harshness and mechanical sound, and listeners have said his tracks sound like sinister doom goodness andsomething you'd hear in one of the Predator's spaceships, with some expecting mutated fox corpses to emerge while listening. He releases music under his surname because it starts of with a powerful bam! and it sounds rhythmic when you say it. He is also a visual artist, creating photos and videos of whatever captures his imagination. Bambra is fascinated by the paranormal, nature, history, and dadaism.

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