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Bards of Antiquity

Mythic odysseys, Victorian tragedies, mystic puzzles and stellar voyages await all who would hear, for the Bards have made these journeys and more -returning from death and despair, hopelessness and oblivion to bear witness in story and song.

Hear the journey beyond death to find ones' true love. Hear the songs sung of prideful Vikings who dared defy the gods. Listen to the last transmissions of a self-exiled astronaut lost in deep space, or the infernal matrimony of a devil and his witch. Hear the song of a siren in the sleeping knights' dreams, only to be woken by the fanfare of the return of the king, or get lost in a dream landscape of puzzles and labyrinths. These songs and stories are all here for you.

Audio alchemy, genre necromancy and technical thaumaturgy are the tools of the Bards' trade. These songs are the picks that unlock the doors of reality opening the way for brief escape into worlds of fantasy. So cast them open wide and cross the threshold. Let this music be your guide as you wander these imaginary realms.

The Bards of Antiquity beckon, will you heed their call?

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