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Ben Wilkinson

British Indie Trance Music Producer


My works include Unregistered Feelings with Jill Winter (https://www.tunebubble.com/artists/Jill-Winter) Hardest Yard including bYNUM Remix, 3LE Candidate including Zeus Remix and my Remix of Leifendeth's Narrow Escapism all in 2020. In 2021 Temparence & Fortuna's Voyages with remixes by Armageddon Speaking and Leifendeth was released. In the same year the EP dedicated to The Farthest Star Universe collection Author Rebecca Mickley (TrailHare) Reading Your Soul released too.


Played the piano since mid-teens and took a Music Producer Course in London at Point Blank Music School. Had a track of mine Hardest Yard (Anfield Edit) played at Anfield The Home of Liverpool FC. Which is also trying to raise money for North Devon Hospice.


My love of Electronic Music started in the late 1990's when I became a fan of Trance Music. To then in my late 30s become a full fledged Trance Producer.


Some works I completed before becoming a fully established producer.





My music journey will continue - Thank you for joining my adventures.


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