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Bill Grippin

  1. From performing Kiss entirely at age 4 in front of his parents to getting suspended from high school
    for dissing his principal in the talent show.
    Bill has a passion for riding beats and coming up with witty, fast-paced bars.Often told by his listeners that he has 2 sides to his music,he can go from tongue twisting
    lyrics that appeal to hip hop heads like his track "hey rico" to slow melodic feel good lyrics that appeal to the masses like the track "still tippin".
    Grippin wrote my first rap at the age of 16 when he was living with a friend in Texas
    which is where he's originally from.
    From writing to recording to mixing and mastering all on his own without an engineer.
    The music reperesents' the perfect line between mainstream and underground.
    The perfect Line
    Later he was influenced by artist such as mac miller, kevin gates, and slim shady. Through Bill's music the listener can really feel his passion for the music not just for the fame and fortune.
    When it comes to his stage show its like Elvis meets Beastie Boys and you can see the distintion from every mic rip to track drop.
    He is such a great LIVE act to see. Opening up for Funk Volume in HOUSTON was a great turning point for him .He realized with strong work ethic,consistancyhe too can be an artist viewed by his peers to be great !
    Bill Grippin is one of the greatest Mc's of this generation:rapid ,fluid , dexterous and unpredictable ,capable of pulling off longform narritives or withering asides in his music.

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