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Dutch death metal moloch (2011-2018). Skull-crushingly loud. Bromage à trois. (Craft)beers, laughs and shenanigans. Now dead and gone.


Bloodgod was hailing from Utrecht, the Netherlands and featured (former) members of Hymir / Decisive Intrusion, Player (Slayer tribute) / Disquiet, and Nuestros Derechos / Agents of Entropy.


We were a steady three-piece powerhouse delivering death metal soaked songs with all the features common to the genre: deep grunts, low-tuned guitars and fast riffs, double bass drumming and blast beats, plus a musical brutality that's permanently present. This is not new or unique. But a classic dish that's cooked with skills and love can still make your mouth water, right?


Although we loved every minute of it, the band called it quits in June 2018.

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