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Behind the various incarnations of Brynovsky lies multi-instrumentalist dub pop producer Tim Jones. His latest project, Future Weather, steers a committed line through political pop and reflective mantra to thickly-layered dub tones and harmonies. His own self-assured vocals and sharp dystopian lyrics contribute to an electronic acoustic dance of dub-rock balladry.


BBC6Music’s Tom Robinson described Brynovsky as a “splendid discovery.” The “sweet, sweet sounds of Brynovsky” (Fresh on the Net, 2014) are now matched against inequality, climate change and the rise of the Right. His third DIY style album, introduces an acoustic element to the sound, infused with the attitude and fire of punk at it’s most anarchic.


London born, matured in Derby and now settled in Scotland, a family man, he might be found in a wee Scottish village, irregularly taking time out to run a youth music project.

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