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Javier Calequi is an Argentinian multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer, songwriter and producer, who has lived in Madrid, Spain, for the last 12 years ago. As a member of Jorge Drexler's band (Oscar winner best original song 2015) on his last world tour, "Salvavidas de Hielo", he performed over 120 concerts in one year. He has also recorded with and performed alongside many other famous artists. After years working in collaboration with other artists, Calequi is now embarking on his solo career, releasing a seemingly infinite number of songs, as part of his "non-album". His music does not fit neatly into one genre, but through his music, Javier Calequi manages to turn the title "song-writer" into something which crosses over into other realms, something limitless, multifaceted and polyphonic.

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