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Carrie Cleveland

Kalita Records have released a definitive discography of Carrie Cleveland,re-issued after 40 years with an expanded LP of her 1978 album ‘Looking Up’. This release is described by Carrie's son,Heston, as 'actually a love story, as my Mom and Dad's love for each other, their love for music and my love for them.'

Carrie Cleveland's musical aspirations only truly developed when she met her future husband Bill Cleveland in 1961 at a Christmas party where it was love at first sight.

Bill was a musician and had started a local band, The Creative Set, which Carrie joined as the singer. They toured the Oakland Bay and San Francisco areas, “playing at all the local clubs” and small venues in the vicinity,

But Carrie found performing very nerve racking , something she never got over, only 'got used to'.

Carrie and Bill recorded ‘Looking Up’ in their backyard garage studio in the first half of 1978, with Bill writing, arranging and playing the instruments whilst Carrie provided the lead vocals. She recalls that she was influenced by various soul and disco heavyweights such as Dianne Warwick, Diana Ross and The Stylistics. Released in 1980, the album has since gained a cult following by record collectors and soul aficionados alike.

Sadly Bill suffered from health complications and unexpectedly passed away in 1994. Yet, as they still had many dates left on the calendar Carrie decided to continue performing as The Creative Set and with other local musicians. However, after two more years of Carrie leading the band herself she eventually decided to wind down her performances and put an end to her musical ambitions.

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Carrie Cleveland
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