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Chekhov's Beautiful Gun

london based dreampop duo, chekhov’s beautiful gun is the collaboration of former beautiful mechanica creator/front man, graham sampson and former international recording artist martin o’kasili.

the pair began working together in june 2019 initially with graham providing martin some studio space to work on his own demos whilst graham himself was writing and recording what was to have been beautiful mechanica’s second album proper.

with an enthusiasm for the tracks graham had recorded, martin initially laid down bass tracks for the songs already recorded and then began to develop and rewrite the drum parts. as this progressed the plan was for martin to join beautiful mechanica as bass player, however as the recordings progressed and the momentum created grew, both graham and martin realised that the music they were making deserved it’s own name and to be seen on it’s own merits.

chekhov’s beautiful gun’s sound is an atmospheric, romantic sound, space-like at times, unsettling yet lovely at others. fans of cocteau twins, japan (david sylvian), gary numan, john foxx, radiohead, velvet underground, suede and placebo will find much to like in cbg’s sound.

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Chekhov's Beautiful Gun