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Christian Kase and Clefs Train

Clefs Train is truly a global effort! It is the brainchild of singer, keyboardist, percussionist Christian Kase. Chris has collaborated with some of the greatest artists from around the globe in a quest to create the "family" of sound. Together with genius, international artists, and writers such as Spanish composer/guitar virtuoso Xavier Vila, composer Horacio Sfrede, songwriter Karen Jones, composer Johnny Fultz, guitarist Lars Clemmensen, Nils Blumenstein (Prisoners of Liberty/LammFromm), Stefan Baumann (Prisoners Of Liberty), bassist and songwriter Rikki Boyes, producer/composer J.P. Lavoie and the incomparable James Schlittenhart (Brumby Mob), they have created an uncommon combination of nuance and sound. Each collaborator offers a unique and challenging level of music which brings their combined creations to new heights. The musical art has been described as fusion of a progressive, bluesy style with "music that colors outside the lines". Also, it has been described as "neo-retro" and "rock with an addictive eclectic kick".

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