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Cilay ensemble

hi my name mohamad ichlas leader of cilay ensemble from #indonesia. When I studied at the Indonesian Karawitan Art Academy #padang Panjang #sumaterabarat Indonesia, I often explored musical experiments with ethnic music #minangkabau West Sumatra and also ethnic music from various other regions. For me, ethnic music is very rich and has a certain strength that is able to live and have a dialogue with the present and the future. ethnic music is a legacy. a mandate that we must maintain. maintain sustainability and develop it that is relevant to the current situation and conditions. Some of the events we have participated in include the Diaspora Music Village London. participated in the ex-poze-ing music awards of Chicago. as a nominee in the independent music awards new york and received the TC indie awards california. Besides making music I also make contemporary dance by processing material from ethnic Minangkabau dances including from other ethnic groups in Indonesia. several dance festivals that I participated in: international dance theater bonn germany. graz dance and music festival austria. Past and Future Dance Festival St. Petersburg Russia and was involved in the Grand Opening Expo 2000 Hannover Germany. ethnic blood is our blood ...

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Cilay ensemble