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Clint Warren

Clint Warren, formerly the front-man of Obscurley and Stellar Icaria, is a Reggae Rock solo artist whose distinct Baritone Reggae Timbre is unapparelled in the genre. Imagine if David Bowie sang for UB40 – that’s how most music critics describe Clint’s voice along with guitar influences of Carlos Santana and Peter Tosh.


Clint has also been compared to Jacob Hemphill, Clinton Fearon, and Joe Samba.


“I decided to become a singer/songwriter after performing music since I was a kid. I started out as one of those child stars kind of like Sarah Lynn in the animated adult sitcom “BoJack Horseman.” Born and raised in South Africa, I starred in a few TV shows growing up. One of them was focused on music and performing called, “Zap Mag.” That’s where my fellow Saffer musicians Dave Matthews, Shaun Welgemoed, Watkin Tudor Jones Jr., and Yolandi Visser also got their start. So, think of my music as Dave Matthews meets Seether featuring Die Antwood. I also grew up listening to Tiken Jah Fakoly, Lucky Dube, Ras Dumisani, and Colbert Mukwevho in South Africa, so those guys have an influence on my music too. In high school, I moved to Florida and got into ska-punk bands like Sublime and Ballyhoo. After serving in the Marines, I moved back to Florida and got into the island and Caribbean-vibe kind of styles. Now, living in the Pacific Northwest, I try to write music that the average person will like.” – Clint Warren

“Pacific Coast Reggae” takes influences from the Indian Ocean (African) and Atlantic Ocean (Jamaican) and combines them with Pacific Ocean (Hawaiian / Jawaiian) Reggae styles. Think Israel Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole meets Lucky Dube and Bradley James Nowell. In creating the 5-song EP, Clint Warren took the three most popular songs from his former act, “Land Piranha,” “Jacue,” and “Pragmatic” and built a vibe around those taking the listener not only through a journey of moods but through the story of how Reggae music evolved from Ska and Soca before making its way over to the Pacific Coast while still including the off-kilter comedic relief Obscurley is known for.

The featured track, Reggae Beat is a reimagining of the song previously entitled “Pragmatic” by Obscurley with a more traditional Roots Reggae song structure. Pragmatic was included as part of the GOA Chillout Zone Vol 11, released in early 2022, which landed on the #2 position on the Amazon UK charts and #3 on the Apple Music / iTunes Charts.

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