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Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist for numerous projects over the years, Gregg Michel created Clint Slate in 2015 to quench his thirst for artistic exploration.


After a first solo album that was well received and transposed on stage in a dreamlike rock show (‘Before The Dark’), he decided to capture the essence of ‘Woodn Bones’ with a full band plus a choir in a theatre, all filmed and broadcast live on the internet for a world premiere: An album recorded live and in a single take!


He works on a concept album with a focus on progressive rock while multiplying collaborations, becoming a metal singer for the former drummer of Skakin' Street, a crooner for Alexandre Azaria's soundtracks, Bono for a U2 Tribute or a rock'n'roll clown for Les Franglaises.


The coronavirus puts a stop to all these activities and the idea of a ‘cadavre exquis musical’ (or ‘exquisite musical corpse’) takes shape. Between May and July 2020, a trio is formed, tracks are exchanged, recordings are deboned, lyrics are randomly generated and nine totally unexpected songs are born: ‘Dragons’.

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