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Collins & Streiss

  1. Collins and Streiss are a duo from Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. Having met, played in rival bands and occasionally played together in high school, the two lost touch for many years only to be reunited in the summer of 2012. After an afternoon of catching up, some drinks and some jamming, the two would once again not see each other again until the summer of 2013, where they decided to try and do some writing together. After a couple of hours, the song “Saturday Night” was written and recorded as a demo. Six more sessions followed and another half dozen tracks were written and recorded as demos. The process had gone so easily, they decided to form a duo writing and recording, with most of the instruments played by themselves. To date, they have released several singles and a 4 song EP and LP titled “Cornerstones”.
    Other musicians on Collins and Streiss tracks include: Dave Dawe – Bass on “Saturday Night” ”Freedom’s Captive”, Steve Wingfield – Sax on “Saturday Night” and “Free”, Davide DiRenzo – Drums on “Black Diamond” “Saturday Night” “Free” ”Change” ”Freedom’s Captive”, and Sebastian Meadows-Helmer – Violin on “At Hand”.
  2. New songs are in the works, so stay tuned!

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Collins & Streiss