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Band from Cagliari (Italy) was born from the artistic fusion of 5 musicians united by the unbridled passion for rock music 70/80, the band composed by Luca Piras (Voice) Federico Pilia (Guitar solo) Alessandro Ledda (Bass) Giorgio Marras ( Rhythmic guitar) and Jack Ferrara first and Sara Pintus then (Drums), a band that mixes the different influences of each component in its sound, ranging from Queen, to Whitesnake, from Ac / Dc to Deep Purple, passing through Skid Row . The first single of the Sardinian band Crazy Party entitled "Crazy Party In Town" was released at the end of June and already reaches a considerable number of plays on Spotify, a song with a nice hard rock style groove.

The first single from Crazy Party that anticipates the release of the album reached a considerable number of plays on Spotify from different parts of the world only in the first week

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