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Crosstalk Club

Fun power-pop guitars meet pianos, hooks, and oddball lyrics about paranormal dating, dysfunctional relationships, time travel, and piano sledgehammers. Crosstalk Club puts their own spin on the sound of bands like The Killers, Cheap Trick, Fountains of Wayne, Bleachers, The Cars, and OK Go.


Every band has a story about commitment, but Crosstalk Club took perseverance to a new level. LIFTOFF has been a multi-year struggle against tech failures, ripoff studios, heart and cancer issues, Covid-19, and a year shutdown. But little things like digital meltdowns, life-threatening illnesses, and a global pandemic couldn't stop the album, just delay it a little.


The album is available in CD and streaming. Rather than going the typical teaser-singles strategy, the band has released the entire album at once, as a thank-you to the fans who came out to shows, followed them online, and offered their support.

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Crosstalk Club