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D.J. Skyjump

D.J. & Indipendent Producer, Playlist Curator, since 1990

D.J. Skyjump (Stefano Setti) born in a little town in Italy called Rovereto TN), starting to DJ'ing in 1990 in a local Club's

with the legendary Technics 1200 and in 1993 starting to compose music with trackers founding the largest Italian

Demoscene (Amiga/Pc) Music Group the SKYJUMP TEAM. From 1993 to 1996 made dozen of Tracks most influenced from 90s UK Techno, Rave, Hardcore, Jungle, Bigbeat, BreakBeat scene. Also made some soundtracks of video games of the time...

In 2020 he resumed composing music with modern DAWs, thus beginning another adventure...

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D.J. Skyjump