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Dafydd Iwan

Dafydd Iwan is a Welsh singer and nationalist politician who rose to fame writing and performing folk music in the Welsh language. From 2003 to 2010, Iwan was the president of Plaid Cymru, a political party which advocates for Welsh independence from the UK

A Welsh legend, Dafydd has just topped the iTunes chart with his song orginally written in 1983 - Yma o Hyd, after a campaign by Welsh football fans who adpoted the song at matches, and his rousing performance at Cardiff City Stadium before the Ukraine v Wales World Cup qualifying match 2022.


  • Yma Mae 'Nghân (1972) (Here's My Song)

  • Mae'r Darnau yn Disgyn i'w Lle (1976) (The Pieces Fall into Place)

  • Carlo a Chaneuon Eraill (1977) (Carlo and Other Songs)

  • 20 o Ganeuon Gorau (20 best songs)

  • I'r Gad (1977) (To The War)

  • Bod yn Rhydd (1979) (Being Free)

  • Ar Dan (Live) (1981)

  • Rhwng Hwyl a Thaith (with Ar Log) (1982) (Between Fun and Tour)

  • Yma o Hyd (With Ar Log) (1983) (Still Here)

  • Gwinllan a Roddwyd (1986) (Donated Vineyard)

  • Dal I Gredu (1991) (Still Believe)

  • Caneuon Gwerin (1994) (Folk Songs)

  • Cân Celt (1995) (Celt Song)

  • Y Caneuon Cynnar (1998) (Early Songs)

  • Yn Fyw Cyfrol 1 (2001) (Live Volume 1)

  • Yn Fyw Cyfrol 2 (2002) (Live Volume 2)

  • Goreuon Dafydd Iwan (2006) (Best of Dafydd Iwan)

  • Man Gwyn (White Space) (song about the early Welsh emigration to Patagonia and North America) (2007)

  • Dos I ganu (2009) (Go To Sing)

  • Cana Dy Gân (2012) (Sing Your Song) (complete 212 song collection)

  • Emynau (2015) (Hymns)

  • O’r Galon (2018) (From the Heart)

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Dafydd Iwan