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Dan Cross

  1. Dan Cross is a South London based guitarist and songwriter.
  2. An astonishing lyricist, a storyteller, a modern day troubadour who constructs his songs from the observa- tion of human nature, politics, hope and humour.
  3. Musically Dan Cross has a captivating sensual sound vocally reminiscent of Eliot Smith , Nick Drake or Neil Young , lyrically inspired by Randy Newman and Leonard Cohen whilst his musical influences range from bands like Television, Talking Heads, Go Betweens to soundtrack composers like Bernard Hermann and Mica Levi.
  4. Dan has worked and co-written albums with various singers and musicians including members of The Julian Cope Band, The Breeders and Spiritualized.
  5. Dan started playing electric guitar when he was 14 and soon became the lead guitarist in the 80s-90s cult band The Perfect Disaster. They recorded 4 well received albums initially on Glass & later on Fire Records where they regularly played gigs with Spacemen 3.
  6. Dan Cross is now focused on his solo project as a multi instrumentalist singer-songwriter and has just released his first solo album. Atheist Anthems A 12 song alt-rock, folky, thought-provoking album charged with powerful haunting melodies and witty bitter sweet lyrics.

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Dan Cross