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Dark Side of Synth

Independent Italian artist loving music & sound design.


Available for sound design & music for media work.


Check out my YouTube channel for my synth jams in several genres: ambient, synthpop, synthwave, blues, rock, techno, trance... Usually, you can also find the audio version for free on Bandcamp and SoundCloud.


Keep up-to-date on everything Dark Side of Synth by following me on Twitter & Reddit.


I’m just a guy who loves music – many genres… too many;) I love synths and technology in general but also pianos and guitars.


I started studying music when I was 9 or 10 until around 14, briefly studying music theory, solfege, clarinet and piano for a while, and then on and off until now. Although I have stopped playing for very long periods, I’ve never stopped listening and appreciating the wide range of good artists our there – from the famous legends to the underdog.


I listen to much stuff: from classical to jazz, blues, house, trance, good old ‘70s and ‘80s music from pop to rock, from electronica to metal and everything in between, including – of course – synthwave, synthpop, italo disco, retrowave and all the new and old names you want to define this kind of electronic music by.


darksideofsynth.com for more info & updates

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