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Dave Mohan

Music: Style/Background: For some people music just seems to run in the blood. After youthful frolics on keyboards/guitar in various pop/rock bands Dave’s love of music eventually took him in the direction of a classical conservatoire training. Specialising in performance of the Baroque harpsichord repertoire (with a sideline in Renaissance lute!). But from the outset it was always clear that the maxim: there's only two kinds of music - the good kind and the 'other' kind, was going to be the guiding principle for where the music would be leading! Dave’s passion as a performer was matched with an equal interest in composition and songwriting in a variety of contemporary forms and styles.


Somewhere out there, where contemporary folk blends with fusion and on to neo-classical crossover, perhaps, you'll find a style definition for Dave's output. Still, trying to pin down a musical style in words is a bit like painting rainbows in black and white. Judee Sill's reference to Pythagoras, Bach and Ray Charles as her main musical influences - and 'Country-Cult-Baroque' as her style definition! - deserves more than a little admiration here. And proof enough that it's always best to let the music speak for itself!


Lyrics: Themes/Interests: It’s always been Dave’s hope and passion that music can be, in some sense, a force for good – something that can change us and society from the inside out. As such his songs don’t shy away from challenging topics and are never self-consciously commercial in outlook. They’re sometimes introspective but always driven by a wider social conscience and a sense of human fragility. Touching on topics that tear at the heart of the human condition (loneliness, love and loss, homelessness/poverty, social exclusion). As a songsmith he’s something of a conjurer of dreams. Dreams to lift us, if but for a moment, above the dull vicissitudes of life. Dreams of a world reimagined, that brave souls will always aspire to whatever the cost (as in his tribute song to the memory of Martin Luther King Jr “Listen to the Peace”). A glimmer of unfeigned empathy (as in his eulogy for Hardy’s literary heroine “Tess”). A glimpse of sunshine after rain. Music offered as a little healing for troubled times; a solace for the soul.


Musical collaborations: Principally a writer, recording artist and studio musician rather than an on the road and front of stage performer. Dave’s musical collaborations are at the heart of his musical nexus. Despite recent lock-downs and other restrictions he continues to work remotely with an array of wonderful international musicians, of which just a few recent examples include:


Carolina De La Muela (Argentina); Lydia Salnikova (USA); Juliet Lyons (USA); Andres Mayo (USA); Ilia Skibinsky (Russia); Maria Grigoryeva (Russia); Guido Scharmer-Choi (Germany); Ian Smith (UK); Chad Martin (USA)


Artist Website: http://www.nightsongsmusic.net

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