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davesnewbike is a Scottish band creating original, rootsy pop for grown-ups.


Kick-started by singer-songwriter Tom Houston and the electric guitar of Kris Jozajtis, davesnewbike is propelled by Sam Wilson on bass and the percussion of Simon Jaquet. Tom has released four, largely acoustic solo albums, the most-recent being Gap in the Fence in 2020, while Kris is also a member of recently reformed post-punk grunge merchants Folk Devils. Uniting this odd couple was a quest for intelligent modern songs transcending the mid-life experience. Following initial shows as a duo, the incorporation of Simon and Sam, both from acid-folk legends Caedmon and East Coast ceilidh band Flaming Nora, made for a bigger, louder, and more exciting bike. Their 2015 album debut wanderlust also featured the 'turbo-boost' sax of Ken Chernoff, whilst second album The Tin Can and the Flood (2017) referenced folk, country, rock and punk, through tangos, psychedelia and beyond, with the band's arrangements all serving Houston's distinctive, compelling songs.


The Bike's most recent release was the single, Smiling at the Croft, which came out in March 2020, a salty piece of folk rock with psych tendencies: a tall tale of mermaids, driftnets and peat smoke.

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