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We go by DeadXDying ,

To whom it may concern ...

We came to change the industry once again with our new and fresh feel , with our flawless blend of emo (alt) rap and multiple other genres to create a powerful emotional rollercoaster for the listener. If that’s someone struggling with addiction or Mental illness or any other life traumas we have placed in our path, or someone who just has a passion flame burning for music like us and is excited for something new, brutal & raw. Influences are to long to mention but they range from 80’s rock like (Motley Crue) to emo rap like (Lil Peep & Juice Wrld) R.I.P. At the end of the day we do it for love and the lifestyle and you the listener or interested party so regardless of all the bullshit and life burn one and jump into the fire with me


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