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  1. Mairi - aka Devanha from Aberdeen, Scotland, Started gigging from a very early age. From gaining vast experience as a band leader, to touring Europe with a couple of independent artists, her main love and influence stems mainly from  Brit Jazz-Funk , and the love of a great solid groove. Her passion for beautiful jazzy chords and driving piano, her sound is influenced greatly from the listening to and her ultimate lifetime love for her favourite band Shakatak, and also huge appreciation for other artists such as Don Grusin, Incognito ,Stevie Wonder, Roberta Flack, Chick Corea to name a few.
  2. Sporting the theory that’s it’s never too late, that Mairi decided to compose and create her own sound which embraces all of her favourite influences wrapped by her own stamp, which can be described as “ SMOP” ( Smooth Pop).
  3. Mairi’s sound comprises the beauty of smooth jazz/ jazz fundamentals such as beautiful chords, with twist of an uplifting energetic groove that will make you want to get off your seat and dance! “ or in some cases kiss and make love.  This is 21st Century music with the legacy of Smooth Jazz and it has been described as “ fresh and uplifting” by many credible musicians in the industry.

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