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  1. Deejay SLETTO aka HAAR RAPHAEL born in 1981
  2. Fan of techno music since the age of these 15 years. he is inspired during these mixes and the production of German techno who listen to him during the evening (Big Bang Universal Dog Lahr) and (Exodus Parkhaus Kenzingen) Germany
  3. In June 2019 he began training as a pro DJ at DIMENSION'DJ in COLMAR (Alsace France) and PRODJ School KHARCOV (UKRAINE) during these holidays because his wife comes from there.
  4. In September 2019 he begins production on ABLETON and creates his first song.
    In October he becomes a member of the global you-tube tech-house chain where these different mixes are published.
    In January 2020, he signed with the Machine Control Records label in England for these Techno productions.
    In March 2020 he opened La-Fabrique an electronic music association in his hometown of Selestat with his cousin and friends.
  5. in 2020 he participated in the Dj contest for the SEE YOU Festival and the Producer contest for Nature One 2020 in Germany.

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